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Why is the summer term so important?

New year, new you!

Exams, done. Learning, not done… These are the months where students can get ahead, not where learning grinds to a halt. Give your students a taste of next year’s topics, create a reading list and set adequate workload. Ensure you highlight the importance of getting ahead and the impact it will have on the following year.

Hands on

Get your students prepared for life after school. Encourage your students to engage with work experience opportunities once exams are done and dusted. Your curriculum might give students the opportunity to do this within academic hours, you can sell this as a good step into part-time work for the summer months.

Get experimental

With no exams or assignments coming up, you’ll have the flexibility to get experimental. Academic teaching is a journey so feel free to get creative! Why not let your students take over teaching to encourage engagement. Try out student presentations, independent research and group work.

Students, you’re up!

For once, students write the rules! Get your students to pick a topic they have enjoyed and get them to delve even deeper. Ask for their feedback on topics that they feel could have been executed better, that way you can alter teaching methods for the following year.

Top tip: learning outside the classroom

Did someone say summer? If you’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of sunshine then take that learning alfresco! Research shows outdoor learning decreases stress levels and increases concentration. Bye-bye 4 walls!

STAy inspired

Summer is the perfect time to read up on all things educational. Cue the STA Travel Education blog, you’re welcome!
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