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What does a degree get you in 2018


The arts have always been shrouded by frowning faces and throw away comments. Nowerdays, art certificates are now more than just a recyclable! Like any degree, the arts encourage individuality, creativity and critical thinking. The rise of the digital age means many art degrees lend their hand to POS design, graphic design & illustrating. The average person consumes an average of 8 hours of video per day which has seen the rise of photographers, animators and videographers.


It’s not just rocks, hills and hiking. Employers are looking for graduates with skills in research, data collection and team work. Have you met geography students? A huge 60% of geography graduates are in employment 6 months after graduation! Job roles include international aid workers, market researchers, environmental consultants, and industrial planning roles.


The old saying goes, “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” The dates and names are a small part of it, history students build communication and analytic skills. These lend their hand to the media industry, commonly editors and journalists have a background in history. 


To be a sporting talent your academic achievements must suffer, wrong! The stigma is those who pursue sports must be less talented in other areas. From coaching, physical education, marketing & strategic thinking, the sports degree has evolved and now cross’ many borders of academic learning. 97% of sports graduates are in work or further education 6 months after graduation. The doors are flying open from health promotion clinics, sports psychologists, sports therapists and personal trainers. 


From the chemists, to the zoologists, the world of science is bubbling over. The low competition in the field, means that students often have their pick of the crop once they have graduated. Business development, food and drink and further research draws in graduates from near & far.


Now you’re speaking our language! The demand is growing from multinationals for bilingual graduates, classic roles include interpreters and translators. Other post-graduation options include international aid workers, careers in travel, or a role as a diplomatic service officer. 

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