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Sharing the love

Want to share experiences with your group that will last a lifetime? A group volunteering project is the perfect way to give back and share the fun.
A girl sat with two men in India


A country that has come on leaps and bounds whilst stepping into the 21st century, but still has a long way to go due to the wide spread poverty. Your group can choose from a number of experiences that allow them to explore the beauty of the country whilst combating current issues surrounding: child care, women’s rights and the lack of educational support. Your group will bond together whilst having a positive impact on the lives of many.
Colourful and shiny umbrellas


Known for its vibrant colour and beautiful landscapes, this is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with many living in poverty. Your group will get the chance to help people and animals across different cities. Visit an elephant sanctuary to care for recovering elephants who have been poached for their ivory tusks, or volunteer in one of the many animal shelters. In between visiting the Taj Mahal, enjoying yoga and henna painting, your group will meet locals whilst on trips to the nearby village towns.
Two blue trains passing

Sri Lanka

Your group will get the chance to explore bespoke and beautiful beaches, towering mountains and sandy shores, all whilst giving back to the local community. Explore the destination once known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Your group can take their pick from experiences, which include visiting local families, attending cooking workshops, helping in local schools, raising the awareness of gender equality and combating child exploitation through continued care.
The trunk of an elephant


Behind the picture-perfect skylines and island-hopping itineraries lies a country crying out for aid. Make your next trip to Thailand one with a difference by opting for a volunteer option with STA Travel. You and your group can opt for childcare projects to provide better opportunities to disadvantaged children or work in schools to engage children in learning and teaching English so they can reap the benefits of better opportunities.
People working on a rice field


Overflowing with cuisine, culture and an interesting history just waiting to be explored. Your group will get the privilege to work closely with disadvantaged children to ensure they are provided with better care within their community. Your group can opt to teach English in disadvantaged schools and encourage children to learn for their own benefit. Visit locals to sample their way of living and experience local cooking classes and tribal villages.
Walking across a river in Malawi


Get off the beaten track with a trip to Malawi. Our projects in this region focus on working alongside local communities to educate and preserve the quality of education, living and socio-economic standards. Visit local game reserves to really immerse your group in the local community. Your group will get the opportunity to visit local villages and help with the day-to-day up keep as well as exciting projects: planting trees, building schools and repair works.

Destination inspiration

The volunteering doesn’t stop here. Get inspired by our destination guides and then enquire with one of our Travel Experts about your next group volunteering experience.