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Student ID and discount cards

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What’s full price?

Budget traveller, coupon collector or sale shopper, everyone loves a great deal and now you and your group can get great deals on a global scale.

Who is eligible?

The best thing about being a student is the discounts! What if you could keep getting those discounts while you teach? Hello International Teacher Identity Card! If you’re a full-time student, under 31, or a teacher then you’ll be eligible for one of our international discount cards: ISIC, ITYC or ITIC. These cards give you thousands of discounts worldwide on transport, restaurants, retail and more. Get your students involved so they can save on this trip and beyond, buy as a one off, or in bulk to save more.
Student ID and discount cards
We know what you’re thinking, they already get enough discounts! Our ISIC cards can be used at home and away and they’re the perfect addition to your next group trip, great for those looking to travel or those looking to save a little on their next meal out. There are discounts and benefits in over 125,000 locations!
Student ID and discount cards
Why should students have all the fun? If you kissed goodbye to your student discount a long time ago, all hope is not lost! This doesn’t mean you have to live off beans on toast or stay out till 4am. Add an air of sophistication to the student discount with one of our International Teacher Identity Cards (ITIC). Recognised by universities, academic institutions, student organisations & national governments worldwide.

Go Green

We like our planet, and we believe our customers do too. That’s why we have worked with our partner ISIC to ensure we do our part in protecting it. ISIC offer virtual cards, these are visible via the app, cheaper than plastic cards & can’t be lost in the back of your wallet. Oh yeah, and the planet survives to see another day!
Go Green