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Business & Economics School Trips

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Money talks, so get your students to listen! Our business studies trips go from the inner workings of the big name banks & fast paced stock exchanges, to some of the largest fiscal institutes on the planet. Book your next business & economics trips today. Money does make the world go round, after all!

Top Business Trips

Business & Economics tours

Capitalise your students’ potential, turn them into the savvy Warren Buffets you know they are. Students will bring case studies to life, explore the inner workings of financial centres and the best business schools in the whole world.
Sunset over mountain in Japan


Think weird & wonderful combined with the futuristic. This is where stocks and shares meet budding business & innovation. Business & economics students could be starting a far-flung adventure in the Asian adventure capital.


A European metropolis and proclaimed powerhouse when it comes to business. Home to the largest financial centre on the continent, this is the perfect place to get your business students forward thinking, with their business heads on.

West Coast

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. No, it’s not every students’ essential list. While the West Coast might look devilishly charming, the coastline has made its mark on the business world!


The mighty wall, oriental influence and a booming infrastructure of business. If your students are looking to switch on their business savvy brains, then this is the country to do it in.
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