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"Poland is one of my favourite places to visit, mainly because of its culture. I particularly like to visit Warsaw as the architecture is breath-taking and it’s got such an amazing history. If you take the time to properly look around at the buildings and architecture, it’s clear to see that history has had an enormous impact on this beautiful city. There’s also such a great range of museums and historical landmarks that help to paint a picture of what has happened in Warsaw over the years – a great way to inspire students! During my most recent visit, I took part in the Warsaw ½ marathon. I’d originally planned to book on a tour so I could see more of the city, wherever I go I always want to dig deeper into the culture and find out as much as I can! However, the marathon was such a great experience and allowed me to see the city in such a different way, I didn’t need to book a tour."

Top tip

If you’re a bit of a foodie like me, I’d definitely recommend heading to Old Town to have some food and a drink. There’s also a great breakfast café called ‘To Lubie’ just off the main square.

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