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Is the October 15th deadline too soon

Apply pressure here

The October deadline is enforced for applications to most medicine, dentistry, veterinary and medicine/science courses, as well as all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Not only do these students have less time to pull together their applications, they will need to display additional attributes in the way of work experience & voluntary work, helping them stand out from the crowd.
Oxford & Cambridge have a combined average acceptance rate of just 19%. With a requirement of 226 UCAS points in 2018, compared to some university’s acceptance of just 94 UCAS points. This is the reason these universities are the crème de la crème of UK education! With the lure of later deadlines and unconditional offers (23% of all 2018 applications) students will need to be passionate and quick off the mark to meet this deadline.

Why the rush?

With most course applications due on 15th January, the majority of students will have roughly four months to apply to their course. Medical, veterinary and Oxbridge applicants starting will have just one month. It is estimated that Oxford & Cambridge will receive approximately 5 applications for each place, with the volume of applications and prestige nature of the establishments, the universities require a longer leading time in selecting applicants. 
There are just 33 schools in the UK that the General Medical Council recognise as official affiliated medical schools, in which students can gain a medical degree. This is echoed across all of the highly affiliated degrees, with such limited places schools need the maximum time to process applications.

The key dates

Here are some key dates to add to your diary, which should be shared with your students: 
5th September – Applicants can pay and send their applications through to UCAS, university can start making their decisions
15th October – Applicants for Oxbridge and most courses in dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine/science must submit applications by 6pm 
15th January – Undergraduate application closes at 6pm
2nd May – Every applicant must state which course is their first and second choice

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