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Educational Trips to Thailand

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The best of Buddha

The salty, sweet, sour and bitter. We’re talking about the food and not the people… From the whizzing tuk tuks and crowded cities to the beaches, palm trees and temples that cover the East communities. Forget your watch, you’re on island time now!

Your itinerary

Thailand is big, really big. So you’re going to need an educational itinerary that ticks all the right boxes! Below, we’ve done it for you

Day 1-3

The first few days your students will be shaking off that jet lag and getting into the Thai way of life, all in the city of Bangkok. Your first stop will be the Ayutthaya Historical Park. Mix up the itinerary with some history by stopping off at Bangkok’s Grand Palace including the Royal Pantheon. Floating markets of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is where you and your group will snap up a bargain!

Day 3-5

Heading away from the big city you and your students will be travelling to Chaing Mai. It’s here your students will be getting in touch with nature, from Elephant conservation projects, to the ten levels of waterfalls at Mae Sa. Morning yoga sessions and nightly trips to the bazar should keep your students entertained.

Day 5-8

Your educational trip will be rounded off with Chaing Rai. Students will visit the Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra, explore architecture in the Baandam Museum and discover religion at Doi Tung. Students can catch the sunrise at Phu Chi Fa, a peaceful forest before a day of ziplining and tea sampling among plantations. Then it’s home time…

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