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Educational Trips to Israel

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Our love for this place Is-rael!

The perfect blend of unique and sacred. Students will witness the pure beauty of Haifa, plunge into the unnerving stillness of the Dead Sea and discover spiritual enlightenment found only in Jerusalem. With the highest ratio of college degrees in the world, what more does this country need to be your next educational trip?

Day 1 – Day 2

Once your students have settled into their surroundings they’ll be heading to just outside of the city walls to the City of David Hezekiah’s Tunnels. Your students will enjoy a guided tour of the Jewish Quarter & The Old City, including the Herzl Museum & Israel's national cemetery: Har Herzl. Students will see a mark of history in the form of Yad Vashem, a memorial for victims of the Holocaust. 

Day 3 – Day 5

Students will head outside of the city to visit Ben Gurions grave, the man that led Israel during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. Students better boot up, they’ll be heading out to the Ein Avdat National Park, located in a beautiful canyon in the Negev desert, this is the perfect place for a hike. The group will then enjoy camel rides & an authentic Bedouin experience

Day 6 – Day 8

Your group will be heading to the Masada to watch the sunrise, they’ll be travelling just west of the Dead Sea to Ein Gedi, commonly known as the "spring of the kid", a nature reserve in Israel. Students will take a float in the Dead Sea before driving north. The Arbel Hike will give students some of the best views Israel has to offer, while a trip to Kfar Kedem will reconstruct the everyday life in the Galilee 2000 years ago. 

Day 9 - Day 11

Students will be ending their trip with a tour of the ancient Tzfat. A visit to Otzar Hastam puts Judaism into a multi-media format. A trip to Israel wouldn’t be complete without a traditional cooking class, producing homemade shakshuka using only the freshest local ingredients! Students will enjoy some free time before transferring home.
Any Israel itinerary isn’t complete without a stop off at the “The Holy City”. Israel’s capital is known as the holiest place to Jews, Muslims and Christians. Here your group will marvel at spiritual sites including the Wailing Wall, Mount of Olives and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Jerusalem is a city frozen in time, with buildings dating back thousands of years, that’s how to keep your history students happy 101.
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv
Commonly known as the “Manhattan of the Mediterranean” Tel Aviv is worlds away from the ancient ruins of Jerusalem. Soaring skyscrapers, boutique hotels and glimmering beaches make this one of the most modern cities in the country. Up-and-coming amongst students, be sure to tick off: Jaffa Flea Market, Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the famous Gordon Beach.
The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea
What’s a trip to Israel without a float in the Dead Sea? The Dead Sea has the highest salt content in the world, at a staggering 8.6 times saltier than the ocean! Diving is an experience, but students will be lucky to find anything alive. Thought to have healing benefits and relaxation properties, it's one way to put your feet up!

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