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School Trips to France

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School trips & visits to France

From bloodbaths & battlefields, to coffee dates and lingo learning. A school trip to France is the perfect way to bring modules to life, and engage your students with their subject. It’s time to turn the classic school trip into something more memorable. It’s chic, it’s effortless, it’s cheese with every meal. *Immediately adds France to vision board*

Curriculum-linked school trips in France

From iconic history and immersive learning experiences, to cultural trips and student bonding. The land of the French has something for every student, across every subject. Check out the destinations in France that our teachers love. Don’t forget we customise all of our itineraries to suit your subject, and the level of your students.
School trips to Paris
Just when we thought France couldn’t get any more beautiful, they created the famous ‘Pari’. Built for language, learning and adventure. Oozing a certain ‘Je ne sui pas’. Look at us, we’re getting the hang of the lingo already!
School trips to Normandy
Popular among students and teachers, and boy, who can blame them? History students will get up close and personal with D-Day landing beaches, while your language students will be fully immersed in all things ‘ooh-la-la.’
School trip to Brittany
Gothic just got ground breaking! The other side of the Channel is diverse enough to cover culture, history and enough French to have students skipping through the syllabus. So where do you keep your passports?
School trips to the Opal Coast
Opal Coast
Ah, the Opal Coast. Beautiful by name, beautiful by nature. It’s where students will tick off the history of WWII, culture and language learning. A place where food is culture, and culture is life! It’s an A* from us!
School trips to Strasbourg
Don’t let the quaint looks deceive you. This city is bursting at the seams with artistic flare, and claiming its title as a political powerhouse. Chic vibes & stripes are advised. Straighten those berets, it’s go time!
School trips to Ypres & Somme
Ypres & Somme
Time to set those watches back a couple of decades! Discover these time capsules waiting to be explored. History school trips to Ypres & Somme tick off the main topics, and make even the bloodiest of subjects easier to swallow.  
School Battlefields trip
Battlefields trip
They say seeing is believing, and who are we to argue? Catapult students back in time to a period plagued in war. Students will come face-to-face with more than what can be divulged in a history book. Poppies at the ready please!

School trips & visits to France

Seen the destinations and gagging to get planning your next school trip? That’s the spirit! Check out even more from the experts on our blog. After all, extra reading is always encouraged!
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