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Embrace technology

Move with the times man! Many new tools and resources are now available to enhance both your teaching and your students learning. The current generation of students are technology OBSESSED! Many of them stating they’d rather leave their wallet at home and not their phones. The old saying goes “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

Collaborate with parents

Communicating with parents and guardians of your students is a key factor in student’s development, one that’s sometimes overlooked when it comes to teaching. It’s crucial for the success of every student! Why not develop an open line of communication with parents outside of the mandatory parents evening? This can be used to voice concerns, create a change in behaviour and aid improvements in the student. Parents and teachers working together is a solid foundation for a student’s success. 

Good sense of humour

Why so serious? Education and fun aren’t exclusive of one another. Trust us, bringing humour into your classroom will have a lasting impression on your students. Not only is it scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, but it helps develop a personable relationship between you and your students. Think back to your favourite teacher growing up, they almost always wear a smile and crack a joke!

Adapt to your students’ needs

You’ve probably been told the same thing since you started teaching “every student learns differently”, so why teach them using the same techniques? There’s thought to be as many as 7 types of learners, including: visual, verbal and physical, with each type responding better to different teaching methods. Experiment with what method works best for your students. It could be as simple as rearranging desks, or mixing up routines.

Offer students emotional support

The focus on mental health is stronger now than ever before. Did you know that by the age of 14 a shocking 50% of children would have experienced a mental health problem including anxiety, an eating disorder or substance abuse? Gone are the days where “children should be seen and not heard”, building an emotional connection means student are more likely to seek help, listen to your council and take your advice. 

Go away, far far away

No, we don’t mean pack your bags and ditch the profession. The New Year is the best time to start planning your next educational trip. Call us biased, but we believe travel is simply the best way to learn and that’s what your students are here to do, right? Go on… Drop us a line here.

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