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Noteworthy Women in STEM

Quick stats

Girls in STEM
3.2% of women globally gain attainment in information, communication & tech

Source: The World Economic Forum

Girls in STEM
Just 12% of the workforce in STEM industries are female

Source: Wise

Girls in STEM
31% of females think male-dominated industry has affected their career

Source: Ebiquity

Holly Boothroyd | Software Engineer

Holly is a C# and C++ developer at Microsoft who works on user facing applications such as Paint 3D, Xbox, and currently Cortana for Windows. Holly is also the creator of HerHelloWorld, where she publishes her tech journey to redefine public perception of tech careers, demonstrate female capabilities, and mentor new technologists. 


“The beauty of STEM fields are that they overlap with so many other industries. Working in STEM will not lock you down to one industry or one career path - instead STEM opens doors to limitless possibilities. One of my favourite parts of being a software engineer is that I can create and use technology to advance my other interests, such as female empowerment and environmentalism. I recommend looking to see where your passions and tech overlap. You will find much more fulfilment and success when you are working towards something you love."

Holly Boothroyd | Software Engineer

Grace Jansen | Developer

Meet Grace, a developer advocate at IBM. Day-to-day she gets to create demos in Java and present them, as well as other presentations at conferences around the world! So far, Grace has presented in more than 18 different countries, including Morocco, USA, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Portugal. She enjoys mucking around with 3D printers, hacking gadgets and programming innovative solutions to problems. Joining IBM after graduating from a degree in Biological Sciences, Grace didn’t follow the traditional route into a career in computer programming. Grace says “I’ve found that my varied background and experiences helps me to bring a different perspective to my projects and build better products as a result.”


Grace’s advice for girls in STEM “If you also enjoy solving problems and like learning new skills then maybe consider a career in tech… you never know where it might take you!”

Grace Jansen | Developer