Fundraising your trip

The new and improved

The best forward thinkers are your students, so ask them for new and exciting ideas about fundraising. Why not host a fashion show? Try a travel themed non-uniform day, where your students can go dressed as countries! A bingo night will be a hit with students & teachers and a summer fair is the perfect way to end the year.
In winter, host a quiz night at a local spot, this is a great socialiser for parents and gives students the opportunity to take responsibility and write up their own quiz. 

The traditional

Bag packing, sponsored walks & cake sales. Why try to fix what isn’t broken! These ideas might seem simple, but we aren’t reinventing the wheel here - these are some of the most effective ways to raise funds for your next trip.
Call us old-fashioned be we don’t see anything wrong with a raffle, or a car boot, the perfect opportunity to declutter.

The out of the box

Stop searching within the same four walls and try going further afield. Get a local business to sponsor your next trip, often small companies and business’ have sponsorship in budget but don’t shout about it, so it’s always worth asking! 
If they don’t have a budget to sponsor the whole trip they might be interested in sponsoring hoodies or donating a raffle prize, but if you don’t ask- you don’t get!

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