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Our aim

We want to raise awareness of issues that sit within teachers control and very real problems that our students face on a daily basis. We’ll be broaching topics from bullying to mental health. Collaborating with the experts, we will be working on delivering expert advice to our teachers and helping them cope with the modern pressures of teaching and give advice on how they can help their students on a daily basis.
Our aim

Our partnership with Willow Bank

This year we’ve collaborated with Children’s Hospital School Leicester, Willow Bank. Our team of Travel Experts and Educational Development Executives have worked with them to create the perfect itinerary for their students. Sponsoring this academic trip makes out of the classroom learning a more realistic opportunity for their students.

You can follow the story using the hashtag #EducationForAll on our social channels.

Leicester Hospital
What can be done to improve mental health in schools?

Spotting the signs of mental health issues in your students

The stigma of mental health in students

The impact of caring for students with mental health issues

Our work with the Experts

We’ve collaborated with Elizabeth Holmes, writer of A Practical Guide to Teacher Wellbeing, as part of our #EductaionForAll series. In this collaboration, we’ve focused on what wellbeing really means to the teacher. Check out our unique content below…
Understanding what wellbeing means to you as a teacher

Wellbeing as a collaboration

You shine, your students shine

Why wellbeing starts with the teacher

Shining a spotlight on issues in the industry

All for one and one for all! By now you have probably guessed that we are passionate about expanding the horizons for every student. We want to make educational adventures a more realistic possibility for students and raise awareness of real issues that students and teachers face every day. This year we’ve launched an exciting initiative #EducationForAll




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Speaking to our partners and the experts, we’ve pulled together insights from across the board, read on and let us know your thoughts.

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