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Brown chairs in a classroom

Recycle, recycle

Lunch waste, paper sheets, pen lids. You wouldn’t believe the number of recyclables that come out of a classroom or seminar room. Every learning environment should be equipped with a recycling bin. That’s one quick win!

Ditch the car

Calling all commuters. Bus, rail or bike it! Not only does travelling by car to work cost more, it also hurts the environment. More regular use of public transport is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Glass > Plastic

Every teacher, lecturer & good students uses and abuses caffeine to get them through the day. Switch the milk bottles you use for your brew from plastic to glass. Glass milk bottles are on average recycled 15 times before being thrown away. Making it a more environmentally friendly option!

Email is a beautiful thing

While visual aids might be the best thing that ever happened to the education sector, the planet isn’t thanking you for your thousands of print outs. Try to ensure you keep your printing to a minimum. If you must use print outs, make sure you collect them and then reuse them, or share them with your colleagues so they can reuse them.

Smart lighting

If your establishment hasn’t yet, encourage key stakeholders to invest in smart lighting. This lighting will reduce the amount of wasted energy used when rooms aren’t in use. It also means you can be lazy and forget to turn the lights off!

Shut it down

Did you know leaving a computer on overnight wastes around £80 of energy per year? Simply log off, close it down and enjoy the peace of mind that standby energy isn’t destroying our planet!

For blogs sake

 “It’s not easy being green” - Kermit the frog. Liar… Bad frog! If you think green isn’t your colour, you are very wrong. Read our top tips for pulling off this shade below
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