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Educational Trips to Europe

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A continent with one heart

Students will witness jaw-dropping historical sights, magical scenery and fall madly in love with the world’s most romantic cities. Europe is a must for every educational travel bucket list! From school trips to the East with its rich history, to university tours in the West, with its sunshine, beaches and colourful languages that roll off the tongue. Book an educational study trip to Europe and you can guarantee one thing, students will come back more inspired and motivated than ever before!

European study tours

It spans over 10 million km, 50 countries and has a combined GDP ranking second in the world. It is undisputed that Europe is big. Really big. That makes choosing a destination for your students even harder! On a European study tour your students will whiz across borders, ticking off European studies and a few iconic countries along the way. Find some inspiration for your next group trip with one of our guides.

Why Europe?

The people, the food, the culture. Do your students need any more reasons? Its great transport links mean you and your group might not even need to catch a flight, you can easily travel by bus, coach or Eurostar. The short travel times make this the perfect Educational trip, where you can pack in all your learning objectives!

Educational Trips

Trips with a difference

Business Trip, Frankfurt
If we’re being ‘frank’ with you, then business doesn’t get bigger than this. It’s the centre of all economic movements in Europe, it’s here your students will gather a greater understanding of the underpinnings of this continent.
History Trip, Athens
History Trip, Athens
Athens has positioned itself as the Greek god of learning. With a surplus of ruins and mythology it’s hard to know where to start. Students will tick off The Acropolis, Omphalos of Delphi and the Great Theatre of Epidaurus. (They don’t call it great for nothing)
Geography Trip, Bay of Naples
Geography Trip, Bay of Naples
Volcanos, check! Pizza, check! The only city in the world frozen in time, check! The Bay of Naples is the gift that keeps on giving, it’s a world of history rolled into a geographical wonder. Where do we sign up?
History Trip, Battlefields
History Trip, Battlefields
Home to civil & international battlefields, these tours ooze history and sparkle with education. Littered with poppies and memories from the past, a Battlefields trip is essential to any budding historians career.