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Why Berlin has something for every student
Travel is infectious, especially when your entire team is packing for their next safari, ski trip or two-week joint in the South East Asia! Since I began my career at STA Travel I’ve noticed that everyone here eats, sleeps and breathes travel! Soon after starting, I was inspired and booked my first trip: Berlin!

I instantly fell in love, the city is vibrant and full of culture! The great transport links mean you can stay pretty much anywhere and still be connected to the city. With so much to see and do it’s no surprise that there is something for every student! To cram all the best bits into such a short amount of time, I opted for an open top sightseeing bus. It was a great way to see everything, but pack a coat, it can get cold up there!

Nothing says political struggle quite like the Berlin Wall. Parts of the wall can be spotted all over the city, but I wanted a real taste of the history, so I went to the memorial centre. The content and staff are fascinating and happy to help, even better it’s absolutely free! If you venture up to the viewing platform you can get a view of one of the larger sections of the wall.

As I studied history in school, I had a bit of background knowledge on the city, but there is something invaluable about watching history take shape right in front of your eyes! The Berlin Wall, the Jewish memorial, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building are all monuments I had seen in textbooks, finally meeting them up close made my experience a much more personal one!

The Arts
Despite history taking a front seat, the art in the city is something dreams are made of! There’s graffiti on pretty much every corner and galleries litter every district. The huge masterpieces plastered on the side of apartment blocks and buildings, make the perfect photo opportunity!

Of course the food was a highlight for me, it’s hardly a surprise, I’m a massive foodie! Give me an opportunity to try out a new cuisine and I’ll grab it with both hands! Currywurst was my favourite – if you ever go to Berlin you have to try it.

Top educational tip

Make sure you set a morning aside for you and your students to visit the Topography of Terror. There’s a lot to take in but it’s so interesting, definitely be worth your time!
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