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Signs of miles to countries

Fear of the unknown

Learning a new language is daunting to say the least! Often students approach languages with the mind-set of “it’s too hard”, this negative start can really hinder the learning process. For most language students’ speaking is the most difficult element of learning. Spend time every lesson reinforcing this skill, get students used to speaking often in groups and on a 1-2-1 basis.


Lack of diversity

Whether it’s reading from a text book, flashcards or an online platform, a lack of diversity will make it ever so hard to keep that new vocab in the front of your knowledge. Before you know it, practising becomes a chore! Keep your students engaged with a variety of activities, online, video and group work can work wonders in keeping students engaged.


Binge learning

Didn’t anyone ever tell you? "Good things come to those that wait", cramming a long list of vocabulary in one sitting, just isn’t going to cut it. Binge-learning will make student lose their learning drive and increase frustration. Encourage your students to stick notes around their home, maybe some common phrases they’d like to learn. Find links to their favourite programs in their chosen language, this makes practising everyday less of a chore!


Educate through travel

There is only so much that can be learnt within 4 walls. Forget the chalkboard, textbooks and apps, go back to basics with some good old fashioned culture! Let students practise with native speakers, in a real-life context. This will improve their confidence and is a great excuse for students to bond as a group.

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