The benefits of using a group travel agency

My favourite part of the trip had to be the wine tour. This was something that our Travel Expert, Petra sourced. It was fabulous and it appealed to everyone. Set in the Tuscan Hills, it was really really beautiful! The wine connoisseur was very dynamic, she explained everything in English with a little Italian, perfect for our group. It was interesting, there was wine, olive oil tasting, bruschetta, cheese and all for only 20 euros each!

I’ve done trips with my students before, the first three times I organised them myself. The first time I organised them I didn’t really realise what it entailed, with regards to all the regulations and everything. Unfortunately I was forced to take out an expensive insurance for a year. So, this year I thought I’m not doing that again, this time I’m going to go through the experts.

Using the groups team was so much easier than planning it myself. In previous trips, I was constantly worried something was going to go wrong with the transport, or the choice of hotel or something else, using the team definitely took the pressure off.

I would love to go away again, but often my students want to explore different places, so we will see what the future holds!

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