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Sports team travel planning advice

Sleep and sporting performance

All of your team should be getting their forty winks! It is essential that your team are well rested before competing. Make sure you consider this when looking at transport or flight options. Jet lag can strike down even the mightiest of athletes!


Consider the rooming of your athletes, for less disruption opt for smaller rooms and be clear with your team on training times so everyone knows how much sleep they’ll need.

Adapting to the environment

If you’re going from Scotland to Sri Lanka, then you’ll need to make sure your team are prepared for the temperature change. Make sure players stay well hydrated during hot training sessions, we encourage regular breaks and you’ll need to ensure your team are wearing the appropriate clothing for the climate. Yes, thermals aren’t stylish, but boy do they work!

Have team objectives

Team bonding, drills, experience, or coming out on top. Whatever the aim of your international trip, make sure your team are aware of it. Factor in some time to your itinerary to make sure your players can explore the surroundings. Give those muscles a rest!

Team bonding

All for one, and one for all! Trips can be highly influential on team moral and bonding. Make sure you factor in time for team bonding. We recommend team meals, games and hosting a small award ceremony at the end of the trip. That way you can praise the men and women of the matches.  

Plan for injuries

While we always walk on the positive side of life, it always helps to have a plan in place, just in case. Have team reserves travel with you, and always ensure you know where the nearest health care facility is. You’ll also want to take out a group travel insurance policy before you travel.

Coming home

It’s time to practice what you preach! Once your team arrive home, adorning their many medals, it’s time to put all those skills to the test. The tour is about new experiences and learning, ask your team for feedback and try and incorporate skills learnt into training drills.  

Sports team travel planning

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