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Sport, where did it all begin?


Football, it has made its way into just about every school, workplace and family home there is going. With an estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide, this is arguably the biggest sport on the planet. History shows that it all began in 5000 B.C. China. Where military forces played the game named ‘Tsu Chu’. This involved kicking leather ball into a small hole without the use of your hands. Variations of the game emerged in Japan, Greece and Egypt, before being popularised in Britain. The British origins of the game were more violent as the severed head of the Danish prince was used as a ball after the war in 700 A.D.


Fun fact: The game was made illegal in 1424 and didn’t become legal again until 1605.


Surfing, could it be the beaches of Bondi, or the gnarly waves found in Californian? Wrong! It originated in Hawaii, around 600 years ago. Originally islanders rode waves on tree trunks. It gained popularity in the 1950’s when more traditional boards were created.


A very British sport indeed! It’s believed that this sport dates back to 1550, in Surrey. Nobles in the 18th century realised the sport was an excellent opportunity to bet. In 1877, the first international match was played between the Australians and the English in Melbourne, this was the origins of the ‘Test’ series.


Are your students always surprising you? Did one of them create a game that’s stood the test of time? Rugby was invented by a 16-year-old school boy. During a game of football, William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it in hand. Official rules were documented in written form in 1845.

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