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The guards at Buckingham Palace
Battle of Hastings

One of the most famous battles in British history and a right royal blood bath! In 1066 the fate of Britain was decided between the armies of King Harold and William the Conqueror. Your students can explore the Abbey’s ruin and see remaining artefacts from the battle. To get a good look at the battlefield, head to the roof.


Home of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin: a pioneer in the world of science. Inspire your students by taking a trip to the exact room where the revolutionary “Origin of Species” was written. With interactive guides and extensive exhibitions, your students will be able to delve deeper into Darwin’s work and understand the history behind this British genius. 



Stonehenge is one of life’s largest mysteries. You and your students better step into your walking boots to discover the obscurities of this prehistoric monument. Wander through the Neolithic houses and watch a demonstration on ancient domestic skills, show your students how people 4 thousand years ago lived.


House of Parliament

Built in 1016, the Palace of Westminster has been one of the most influential buildings in United Kingdom. Westminster has been the brains behind political movements, alliances and even plays home to celebrated political heroes. Inspire your students with a tour of the House of Commons, observe a debate, check in with a MP and experience a day in the life of our Prime Minister. Here your students can host a debate of their own and polish up their political knowledge. What’s more is students get extra discount. How come they get all the fun?


The Roman Baths

Transport your students back in time with a trip to the Roman Baths. From ‘old school’ time telling to dressing up in traditional robes.


Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Talk about a regal affair! Regarded as internationally important in terms of botanical research, science and conservation, why hasn’t this been on our radar sooner? The real question is, if you get 50% off a garden with 50,000 living plants do you only see 25,000?


View from the Shard

Ah, a 360 view of London, 40% off & a cocktail in hand! (Under 18’s step away from the alcohol) The Shard is a unique experience for students off all ages. Trained professionals will walk your students through the history of the city and can explain any monument your students pick out. Trust us, we’ve tried them out!

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