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South Africa & The student

My favourite part

One of favourite part of the trip would be the Safari in Cape Town. We were able to see the South African version of the Big Five: Rhinos, Buffalos, Giraffes, Zebras and Elephants. It was truly inspiring to see these animals in their natural habitat, and is a memory that I will definitely treasure forever.  Another memorable moment was the hike up Table Mountain which we did on our last day; it gave us the most amazing view of the city and was the perfect way to end the trip!   

Fashion and Art

This trip allowed me to fully grasp the beauty of the continent and the great amount of diversity. I was very intrigued by the rich amount of culture, especially in the art and fashion that I saw in Cape Town. This truly inspired my personal creativity and helped inspire my final art piece for my Art GCSE.  


I learnt about the incredible variety of animals that find sanctuary in the country, I had a basic understanding about the wildlife that lived in South Africa, but being there I saw so many animals that I never knew existed. A fact that really blew my mind is that Penguins live in South Africa! This has really inspired me to travel more, as there is so much more of the world I want to discover.

Would I go again?

I would definitely go on a trip like this again, whether that is back to South Africa or to another country. There’s so much to learn from travelling, being able to have real life experiences is definitely better than learning them in the classroom, as you are integrated into the culture. I would highly recommend that everyone visits Africa; it is an amazing continent that will really open your eyes!   

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