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Knowledge is power

Because no one what’s to stumble at the first hurdle! If your students don’t know the role, the company or the university, it’s going to be obvious to interviewers. Making notes, doing proper research and internet scrolling before the interviews, will have your students better prepared!

LinkedIn: a recruiter’s best friend

If your students had a dime for every Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post, well, they wouldn’t need a job! If your students are social media mad, then get them on a platform that could help their career: Linkedin. A site used avidly by recruiters and becoming increasingly popular among educational establishments. Set aside some time to help your students create accounts, discuss appropriate content and get them connecting with corporate influencers. Most importantly encourage them to keep an up to date profile.

CV sparkle

From poor grammar, to down-right absurd spelling. If a student’s CV or cover letter throws up a red flag, the likelihood is they won’t be getting an interview. A simple effective CV should include: education history, work experience and a list of useful skills, students should also consider adding career goals (this will show interviewer what their aspirations are).

Best behaviour

The saying goes, “innocence is bliss.” Mock interviews will give your students the opportunity to calm some nerves, get some insight to the process in a relaxing setting, or maybe shock them into the reality that interviews can be gruelling! Remind your students, just because they secured an interview, does not guarantee them the job or place at university.   

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