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Preparing for the trip

Educational breaks can be an amazing way to get students to discover culture and explore new places. However, if students aren’t engaging with their surroundings it can often fall short of your teaching expectations. These tips will ensure students are really making the most of their trip:

Before the trip

Before exploring a new city, why not let students plan some of the trip? Split students into small groups and ask them to research local sights of interest in depth, present their ideas, then allow them to vote for their favourites. Allowing students to engage from the very beginning will mean the students can start to get excited about the trip and start visualising the places they are going.

During the trip

Although the primary function of the trip is education, make sure you allow students time to explore on their own, often students appreciate time to discover new things alone. After you have given them this time make sure you ask them questions about where they have been and what they have discovered to engage their learning.
When visiting attractions, give students questions by which they can find the answers by exploring the sights or asking a tour guide. Make sure you reward students that can tell you interesting facts. In order to engage while in the city you need tools with you. For example, if you are going on an art trip allow students to bring sketch books and make time for them to sketch at landmarks. Encourage students to keep a diary and take pictures.

After the trip

Ask students for feedback, the more feedback you receive the more improvements you can make to the trip. Post feedback into a blog format as this will encourage people the following year to go on educational trips. When organising your next trip why not ask previous students to speak at meetings to encourage more students on to the trip.
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