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Know because we go: Rome

Forget whistle-stop tours and open top buses, in my opinion there is no better way to see a city than taking a wander. My recent trip to Rome found me stumbling across everything, from hidden gems to famous landmarks.

Palatine Hill 
I started my journey at Palatine Hill, the centremost of Rome’s seven hills and considered to be one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Ancient Rome. Once the home to emperors and aristocrats, it is now a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. My top tip would be: wear comfortable shoes! Clambering to the top of this hill is a bit of a trek, but the show stopping views make it all worth it!

Arch of Constantine
I mean… wow! I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful architecture of the Arch of Constantine. Decorated in statues and reliefs and towering over 21-meters-high, this building was built in commemoration the Emperor Constantine in 315 AD, it’s the largest of three remaining imperial triumphal arches in Rome. 

Arguably Rome’s most famous landmark. It’s not hard to see why it is plastered across every postcard! The Colosseum is one of the greatest architectural accomplishments in the history of the country and the perfect spot for inspiring architecture students or those studying design. Don’t be discouraged by the long queues, this is a sight you absolutely must tick off!

Piazza Venezia 
Lying at the pulsating heart of Rome I found Piazza Venezia: the meeting point of all four major roads in Rome. It is a hub of activity and a real showcase of artistic talent! With grand white marble slabs and bronze sculptures scattering the grounds, the square oozes typical Italian style! To really set the mood a flame is always lit in memory of the Unknown Soldier who is laid to rest at the monument.   

My final stop was Pantheon; formerly built as a temple for all gods, almost 2000 years ago. This ancient structure is now used as a church. I’d suggest this stop off to any Religious Studies groups-but all students can take in its beauty! The Fontana del Pantheon is the perfect spot to end the day, make sure to toss a coin in to the fountain for good luck!

Top tip

All these sights are within walking distance from one another, make sure you and your group stay hydrated, Rome can get hot in the Summer months!

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