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Organising large groups

It is important to advertise trip opportunities, get word out about the amazing opportunities you are offering to students. The more you advertise, the more students you can open the minds of!


It is essential to plan educational trips to the finest detail, planning will ensure you achieve your educational objectives whilst on tour.


Speak to someone
Educational Travel experts are on hand with free impartial advice on how to best tailor your tour. With these experts you can set yourself objectives and goals to ensure you get the most out of your trip.


Create lists
Create a list of essentials to give to your students. This will ensure no emergency stops for an extra toothbrush!


Permission slips are essential if travelling with students so make sure these are signed and documented before you embark on your trip.

Have a good team
Travelling with a large group isn’t easy, if necessary make sure you have other trip leaders on hand to help. Ensure you have regular meetings and communicate properly to make sure the trip goes as smoothly as possible.


Pack extras
Despite all your best efforts, it is always expected that someone will forget something essential as a trip leader make sure you prepare for this and pack extra.


Safety of students is the most important factor both in and outside of the classroom, whilst travelling in a large group ensure you have a method of keeping track of everyone. If larger groups are splitting up ensure you have an arranged meeting place and time and means of communication at all times.


Have fun
Educational trips are all about experiences and enriching students’ academic study. Make sure you engage with students and give them amazing memories to take away with them.


Follow up
After your trip be sure to ask students for feedback, and get their ideas about other trips they would like to go on. It is often a good idea to get students to blog about their time on tour as this can spread the word to other students and encourage engagement on following trips.

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