Backpacker to corporate climber

We’re not saying booking travel for 8 or more people is easy, but there is a lot that can be learnt from the process. Whether it’s a gap year with a group of mates, a summer adventure or society trip there’s a lot that goes into it!

Plan, Plan, plan!
Single-handedly arranging an international trip can take a lot of organisation, planning and time. So organising a group trip is just that, with a few extra passengers added on. Future employers are always looking for examples of organisation skills, so when they hear that you’ve organised a trip to the other side of the world and nothing went wrong, their ears might just prick up! 

Heading out on your first trip without the support of your parents can be daunting, but it’s also a great example of independence and a chance to prove yourself. It shows courage, that you’re not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and that getting things done is simply in your nature!  

Interview skills
Your first interview for a ‘real’ job is sure to have you quivering in your boots. Travel is a great conversation topic and can act as a real ice breaker, a chance to showcase your skills and help you calm down! 

Stand out
Landing your dream job once you leave education isn’t as easy as it looks. Having one or two ‘trips’ up your sleeve for the interview could be the key to getting your foot in the door. It could set you apart from those who haven’t travelled or (even worse) went straight into work.

People Person (or not)
You’ll meet all manner of people whilst on your travels. Negotiating different people and culture is a skill you’ll most certainly need in any office environment!  


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