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A trip to New York

The Big Apple

Growing up watching 90's TV shows, New York was always a dream. The bright city lights and the city where dreams are made of, or something along the lines. It’s a trip of a lifetime and one that showed me that there are so many places to visit on this planet. Now it is a busy city and can be expensive, but don’t worry, whether you and your students are visiting for a few days or longer, you’ll not be disappointed. 

Must see attractions

New York has some must see attractions, and they are certainly not to be missed. Now I am all for turning up at a destination and going with the flow, but there are a few places you and your students need to make sure you visit. The Empire State Building is known to many, but just looking at the building in person was something else. You feel this surreal moment, take a couple of minutes to soak it in. It’s a busy city so the best time to capture the best view from the Empire State Building is an hour or two before sunset to watch the sun go down. It’s mesmerising, you witness the city glistening and feel you can do whatever you want in the world. You and your students will want to visit Rockefeller too, capture the New York skyline at midday when it’s not as busy and you can still see the best views. 

But I am on a budget

Just walking around the city is an experience and if you want to get around the city you can hop on and off the city tours, this is by far the cheapest way to get around the main attractions. You can spend a day visiting the main attractions without killing your budget. If you are on a tight budget you can simply walk around the city and soak it all in. What you will see is lots of entertainment, buskers, break dancers and so much more. 
Can’t miss a show on Broadway? Me either, if you queue up outside at the box office you can usually get last minute tickets for half price and enjoy one hell of a show. The thing about America is the portion sizes for food, even having a slice of pizza will feel like you’re having three. 

Treat yourself

Enter Macy’s, one of the largest department store in the world where you and your students can upgrade your wardrobe, even if it’s one item, hey it’s from New York. After eating on a low budget, on the last night I decided to eat at the revolving restaurant. It’s called ‘The View’ and yes that’s right it revolves. You can see New York shining with views of Empire State Building to end a great trip. 

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