Visas & Vaccinations

Travel Visas

& Vaccinations

Lots of countries require visas for entry, other countries suggest you have vaccinations before you and your group go! STA Travel have all the information about country requirements  readily available for you the traveller!
No matter where your journey takes you, it’s important to know; Whether vaccinations are required or recommended and if malaria is present in any areas of the countries you will visit. Always bear in mind that you might need vaccinations even on the shortest trips, tick-borne encephalitis is now found in 27 European countries, if you're uncertain speak to one of our Travel Experts. We have clinics in our London Victoria, Liverpool, Manchester Deansgate, Leeds, Bristol and Southampton STA Travel stores.

    No waiting in a doctor’s surgery with other sick people just before you go on holiday!


    Our qualified nurses have experience in this specialised area of medicine


    Consultations are usually available at short notice, even close to your departure date