University trips

What better way for your university language students to practise their speaking skills, than visiting the country itself! Here are some of our customer favourites! Each can be tailored to your students to specifically meet their curriculum and trip objectives. Whether it is Europe or further afield; our Educational Travel Experts have been there and done that, so they're perfectly able to advise on a location to best suit your group!


Language Tour

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Learn the most widely spoken language in the world, in a country with a future looming large on our horizon. Our courses teach the most widely spoken Chinese language, Mandarin. You couldn’t pick a more fascinating place for a language trip than Shanghai; where east meets west and modern mixes with exotic. A world leader in the latest gadgets, technology, fashion and food, learning Mandarin here will help you absorb every last bit of this city.


Language Trip

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South America is the perfect alternative for university students who have already explored Spain! Take a tour of the city, including the Larco Herrera Museum. After breakfast, enjoy a tour to the Island of Palomino. Discover the district of Barranco and religious art museum Pedro de Osma. Visit the Sacred Valley and participate in a traditional welcome ceremony, speak to the locals using your speaking skills. Hop on the expedition train to Machu Picchu. Hear an informative lecture from Jean-Jacques Decoster, Director of Casa Concha. Soak up the atmosphere at a local market and use your Spanish skills to barter.


Language Tour

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Let your university students expand their vocabulary by exploring history-heavy Berlin. In recent years Berlin has become increasingly popular language students due to its culturally diverse nature & dynamic student life scene. Looking to extend your trip? Why not explore the business metropolis of Frankfurt just a short trip from the capital?