University trips

Want to challenge your Geography and Environmental Science students? Here are some of our customer favourites! Each can be tailored to your students to specifically meet their curriculum and trip objectives. From national parks to icy glaciers. Our Educational Travel Experts have been there and done that, so they're perfectly able to advise on a location to best suit your group!


University Trip

FR £865*7 Days

The island is world-famous among travellers and tourists for its beautiful beaches, tropical climate and historic Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll work at one of two severely overcrowded and under-funded Zanzibar schools that educate a total of 8,000 children. Working at these schools, your pupils have the option of teaching, coaching sport or engaging in construction work. Student groups have the chance to make a tangible difference and improve prospects for local children in a sustained, manageable way.

Your project work, which is guaranteed to have tangible outcomes for both the project and your pupils, is fully-organised before you travel. This will be shared during our excellent pre-departure service.


Geography Tour

FR £559*Save More

Morocco is an extraordinary country of enormous geographical contrasts, including the famous Atlas Mountains and the labyrinth of the souk. Whatever modules your university students are studying, STA Travel Education can tailor make a tour to suit this. The Rerayha River is an excellent case study for those looking at river formation. Students can explore the agriculture and terrain in the High Atlas Mountains. As well as the physical properties of Marrakesh your students will be able to take in the culture and get a first-hand look at the direct effects of tourism.


Geography Tour

FR £245*Save More

Most famous for Mount Vesuvius, one of Europe’s only active volcanoes. This isn’t the only world-renowned geological wonders Naples has to offer. Your Geography students can feast on a banquet of Sorrentine peninsula, the Caves of Capri and Ischia-an island of volcanic origins. Visit the city of Pompeii, a perfectly preserved snapshot of how life was almost 2000 years ago.


University Trip

FR £815*7 Days

You’ll be based in a small coastal village in the Volta region, where the majority of people earn a living purely through agriculture.

Student groups can volunteer through coaching sport, teaching or help with basic construction work. Each and every volunteer makes a difference and contributes to the successful education of the village children, improving outcomes and opportunities.

Your students will experience the vibrant and lively culture that Ghana is famous for. Students will become entranced by drumming and dancing at Ghanaian cultural events, gaining a real insight into village life and learning the basics of the Ewe language. You’re sure to be welcomed into Ghana with open arms; the sound of a beating drum is never far away in this beautiful corner of Africa.


Geography Tour

FR £935*Save More

A Geography trip to China offers your student’s choice. From ultra-modern Shanghai to the beauty of Beijing. Your students will be part of an unparalleled hands-on experience. No trip to China would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall? More than two thousand years old and truly one of the Great Wonders of the world. Explore the inner workings of the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest and a huge engineering achievement. The Yangtze river cruise is an unforgettable way to explore the new town of Fengdu.