Trips for Innovators

Our ICT trips could take you anywhere in the world. From short trips to the capital to long-haul adventures to Silicon Valley! Here are some of our customer favourites! Each can be tailored to your students to specifically meet their curriculum and trip objectives. London? Barcelona? Paris? New York? Berlin? Our Educational Travel Experts have been there and done that, so they're perfectly able to advise on a location to best suit your group!


ICT Trip

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The ‘Big Smoke’ is a hub of technology and movement, a destination sure to get your students thinking. Take a trip to the National Museum of Computing, follow the development of computing from the 1940s right up to the modern day! Explore the rise of personal computing around the 1980s and see new working exhibits. The Science Museum has a wide range of exhibits, from electronics and information to mechanical and personal computing. All these tours can be teamed with sightseeing tours of Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and many more!


ICT Tour

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Treat your students to an international computing experience! Budapest is leaps and bounds ahead of its neighbours when it comes to technological innovation. Take a trip to the Kurt Information Management centre. This world renowned organisation was established in 1989 and since has been one of the world leaders in data recovery, treat your students to a visit to this technological power house. Alongside your tech itinerary why not visit the breath-taking Houses of Parliament or take a twilight river cruise?

Western States

ICT Tour

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A nine day tour of Western America is sure to encounter more than one technological power house. San Francisco alone boasts: Apple, Google and Facebook. The western states is famous for technological start-ups and is a great destination for your ICT class. If CEO spotting isn’t your thing, why not take a tour of the Intel Museum, or the Computer History Museum? Here you can follow the journey of software development from the first stepping stone, to the cutting edge innovation we see today!