Price Beat Guarantee

Price Beat Guarantee

Find it cheaper? We'll beat it!*

We love our travellers. That's why we're committed to finding you the cheapest flights, round the world tickets, tours and accommodation. We've spent 35 years building friendships with the world's leading airlines, tour companies and accommodation providers, to bring you the best prices in the market.
  • We'll Beat it

    Simply send us a copy of the quotation and we will guarantee to beat it.

  • What will we beat?

    If you find a cheaper like for like quote anywhere else, send it to your dedicated Educational Travel Expert.

  • Why will we beat it?

    We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best value for money, this means both price and service!

Conditions apply: The flight must be departing from a UK airport on the same dates, using the same flights and airlines, as the written competitor quote. STA Travel will not price beat on an existing booking - the competitor quote must be presented to us prior to booking. Infant fares are not eligible for Price Beat Guarantee.

*We only Price Beat Guarantee against a scheduled airline. This guarantee does not apply to any charter carriers or low cost airlines. (Examples of Low cost and charter airlines include Ryanair, EasyJet, Monarch, and Aer Lingus)
**Fares offered to closed user groups are excluded. These include Subscription, Corporate, Membership or Trade/Travel Expo. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.
***The amount of stopovers must be the same as the original quote. The alternative flights offered must be within two hours of the quoted departure and arrival times.