Our Social Responsibility

Our Social responsibility

Our people, our world, our actions

STA Travel are committed to making a positive impact on our world and preserving it for years to come. We believe travel has the power to create changes within communities. To ensure we are fulfilling our social responsibilities as a company, we have adopted a three pillar approach; Our people, our world, our actions.

Customer Saftey Matters

Our travellers' safety is our primary concern. We operate a comprehensive Customer Safety policy to promote the good health and safety of our travellers abroad, only working with reputable operators who meet local and national standards. Our business also employs our own guidelines to continually assess where we send our customers, and "stop-sell" products where customer safety may be compromised.
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This planet is our playground. We spend our days talking about all the amazing adventures it has to offer, and empowering our customers to take every opportunity to enjoy life-changing experiences. It is therefore only right that we do all we can to preserve the planet for future generations by reducing our environmental impact. We will take a positive, solutions oriented approach that recognises our impact on the environment. Our Environment Policy, together with our Social Responsibility Framework, our Health and Safety Policy and our company values, expresses our company’s commitment to the planet and the communities that reside on it. Through managing the environmental impacts of our own business, we aim to inspire our customers to consider the implications of their travel and to educate them on how to travel responsibly.
When it comes to practicing social responsibility, we think globally AND locally. From the lighting and recycling programmes in our stores, to how we deliver travel documents to our customers' mobiles, we are constantly reviewing the way we work and the impact we have. We work with partners who offer carbon offsets, employ ethical work practices, and hand pick suppliers who share our values and our own customer safety standards.
In partnership with the Born Free Foundation, we operate a pioneering animal welfare policy. Risk assessing all of our products, we have taken a "stop-sell" stance on experiences such as the Tiger Temple in Thailand and San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. As we continue our risk assessment, we will only offer products where suppliers ensure the wellbeing and protection of animals.