Group trips

Covering a third of the whole of the country, Western Australia has it all when it comes to wildlife. Not just full of extraordinary beaches and experiences, the realms of the outback are just waiting to be discovered.
Top cities
  • Coral Bay

    In the North West you’ll find the coral coast of Australia, grab your snorkelling gear and get close to the natural beauty

  • Kimberley region

    Remote waterfalls, creeks, and a maze of orange and black sandstone domes dominate the Kimberly region

  • Great southern

    Including the enormous valley of giants, the “Great Southern” has many sights to see


Did you know? Mainland Australia is the only continent with no active volcanos.

Student Special: Purnululu Park

Located in the Kimberly Region in the North of Western Australia, Purnululu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Renowned for its natural beauty and unique landscape, the park has been around for 350 million years!
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Educational top tip

If you’ve got some animal lovers in the group, why not head over to Rottnest islands and discover the unique wildlife. You may even catch a glimpse of the famous “smiling” Quokka. Just off the coast of Western Australia, you can go for a night dive with a 13-metre long whale shark. That’s one of the world’s biggest fish!