Educational Trips to Brazil

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Students will go berserk for Brazil! Playing home to sensational samba, colourful carnivals and the cultured Copacabana, we can’t really blame them! If learning can be combined with beautiful beaches, an abundance of adventure and exotic wildlife, then everyone’s a winner. 

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The country is named after a tree; brazilwood.
Educational Trips to Brazil
Rio De Janeiro
From the lush botanical gardens, to the friendly football matches with the locals, Brazil has just begun! Later, students will have a taste of adventure at Sugar Loaf Mountain and head back down to earth with stomachs full of inspiration. Students should pack their Samba shoes and leave behind their two left feet.
Educational Trips to Brazil
Got students who like to live on the wild side? Picture beach vibes combined with rich traditions, in an old city. Your students can get the best of everything: enjoying the natural beauty of the tropical coastline, the cobbled historical centre of the city and all that’s ‘under the sea’ on a snorkelling trip. 
Educational Trips to Brazil
Sao Paulo
This vibrant urban city is paving the way for Latin American city’s. With ties to business, architecture and history, the city sees swarms of tourists and student’s year on year. If you and your students can find a spot of green in this city, hang onto it!

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