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Destinations in Australasia are famous for their long summer months. From November through to April. Even in the winter months, most areas south of the hemisphere will still be enjoying sun, sea and surf. With deserts, rainforests, beaches, and even snowfields, Australasia will cater to your desires all year round.
These long-haul trips are well worth the flight times. Heading Down Under? Hit the Great Ocean Road for the best views of the East Coast, hike the Blue Mountains, climb Sydney’s Harbour Bridge or read your way through Victoria’s State Library. Across the ditch, stumble upon New Zealand’s rich Maori tribal history as well as two islands’ worth of striking landscapes. Relax in hot springs, explore national parks and gaze up at glaciers. It’s Mother Nature at her best.

New South Wales

In a country as vast as Australia, it really is hard to pick your favourite, but surely New South Wales is a hard act to follow?
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New Zealand

Kick start your Kiwi adventure with a little help from STA Travel Education, read our guide for top tips and travel inspiration!
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Western Australia

If you thought Sydney was all Australia had to offer, think again! Western Australia is your answer to non-stop adventure!
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The rest of our world

Not sure where to go? Take a look at our destination guides to get ideas & inspiration, so you can plan the perfect short break or longer experience!
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