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Asia can be anything you want it to be - go for the people and the massive diversity of culture and religion. Go for the ecology - the huge mountains, the lush jungle and the absurdly exotic wildlife. Go for the food - the curries, the noodles and the local delicacies. Or simply go for sun and relaxation.

India & Sri Lanka

From the bustling streets of India to the tranquil beaches of Sri Lanka. Whichever you and your group decide, it’s sure to be memorable!
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Fall head over heels for Malaysia. Surround yourself with wild jungles and authentic culture in this popular destination.
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Colourful cuisine, stunning scenery and lavish landscapes. No Asian adventure is complete without a trip to Thailand!
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The rest of the world

Not sure where to go? Take a look at our destination guides to get ideas & inspiration, so you can plan the perfect short break or longer experience!
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