Get your forty winks
It is important for athletes to be well rested before competing abroad. This is a factor to consider when booking flights, especially long distance. If you are aware that athletes may incur jet lag, make sure they have enough time to recover from flights so that jet lag won’t impact play.

Adapt to train
The change in climate may be a shock for some members of your sports team. Make sure players stay well hydrated during hot training sessions. Where possible keep players out of the heat for long periods of time and try to train out of the sun.

Have fun
Although the primary function of the trip is to compete and learn skills from new teams, make sure players have some time for leisure and get an opportunity to explore their surroundings.

Encourage your players
Standard of play abroad can be outstanding. Make sure you encourage your players, even if the results aren’t what you had hoped. Praise players for their hard work and encourage them throughout matches.

Make friends with other teams
Whatever the result, make an effort with foreign teams, more often than not teams will offer opportunities to train together. This can be a great chance to pick up tips, make new friends and maybe even return again.

Coming home
Once arriving back home, make sure you sing the praises of your athletes be the results good or bad, the tour is about new experiences and learning. Ask students for feedback and try and incorporate skills learnt on tour into training drills.   

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