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Welcome to Africa, where adventure lies around every corner. Go on a game drive to see the ‘Big 5', explore striking landscapes of thundering waterfalls, trek snow-capped mountains, and discover secluded white sandy beaches ... Africa really does have it all!
Volunteering, wildlife, chaotic souks and dazzling futuristic cities; Africa and the Middle East make a great pairing for an unforgettable travel experience. Explore some of the world’s most unique
landscapes; from the seared trees of the Namib Desert to Kenya’s sprawling savannahs, home to the coveted Big 5. Choose to work with local communities, go out on safari or get some haggling lessons in the markets.


What trip to Africa would be complete without a visit to Tanzania? With vast amounts of wilderness, beaches, and the famous Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania certainly packs a punch!
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Visit the Atlas Mountains, experience some of the busiest motorways or walk along Ancient Medina’s, Morocco can be anything you want it to be!
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South Africa

Playing home to popular urban cities, as well as the stunning scenery of Table Mountain and the Winelands. South Africa should be next on your list.
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The rest of the world

Not sure where to go? Take a look at our destination guides to get ideas & inspiration, so you can plan the perfect short break or longer experience!
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